NORCHEM develops the internal KPI system

As part of the internal program for optimization of the management system and enhancement of the team work efficiency, the NORCHEM Management Board set a goal to achieve more dynamic development of the Group, in particar by taking into account the aquisition of the third production site in September 2016. With the purpose of unification of the strategic and tactical targets of all NORCHEM units, development and integration of the new KPI system was started in summer 2017.

The first training workshop "Performance management system" took place on 17 July 2017 at Zavod sintanolov LLC with participation of NORCHEM Management Board, leaders of major units and production sites. The project developers were specialists of the Management company NORCHEM LLC. Using experience and the best application examples of the Russian and foreign companies, they illustrated the effectiveness of the KPI system.


The main goal of the performance management is the realization of the development strategy of the company by means of the target-specific management - targets which are clear and measurable for the personnel. This tool allows to transform global goals of the company into direct actions of every corporate employee, and that helps to "speak a common language" among all co-workers.


The engagement of the personnel is established in the way when the income of each employee directly depends on his or her performance of the targets in view. The company achieves results and at the same time increases incomings of its employees.


During the workshop the participants completed a training session, working in team and applying their new knowledge into practice on a real example of companies of NORCHEM Group. According to estimates of the participants the workshop went lively and creative and left positive impression.


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