Government support of the perfumery and cosmetics industry in Russia

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation initiated a meeting for the leading Russian producers of the perfumery and cosmetics industry on the issue of raw materials support. The meeting took place on the 2nd of August 2017 by the Deputy Director of Department of the chemical-engineering and forest industry complex, Mr. Alexander Orlov. Large manufacturers of the final products and raw materials for the perfumery and cosmetics industry, as well as known Russian associations and research institutes came together to consider key moments of the development strategy, logistics and raw materials support of the perfumery and cosmetics industry in Russia.

NORCHEM specialists, also having participated in the meeting, raised certain issues which the Russian manufacturers of the chemical raw materials face nowadays, such as efficiency of the feedstock streams and government assistance in the matter of cancellation of excise taxes for petrochemical products and import custom duties for fatty alcohols - to support domestic production for the cosmetics and household chemistry.


The government support for solution of the actual issues is meant to be the key factor in development and intensification of the perfumery and cosmetics industry in the Russian Federation. Representatives of the Ministry expressed their readiness to schedule series of working meetings with all participants to detail and specify problems of the logistics and raw materials support. Along with that, in the context of the 20th International exhibition of the chemical industry and science "KHIMIA-2017", which will take place in Moscow from the 23rd to 26th of October 2017, it is planned to organize a special round work table of specialists on the matter of import substitution and localization of the raw materials and components, development of cooperation and expansion of product coverage in accordance with present-day requirements of the market.



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