New product line by NORCHEM

The product range of Zavod sintanolov LLC was increased by a new line of products under trademark STENOR™.


Nonionic emulsifiers / solubilizers / dispersants STENOR K36, STENOR K40, STENOR K455, STENOR 20 and STENOR 80 represent analogues of well-known imported products, widely used in cosmetics, household chemistry, agrochemistry.


All products are characterized by high compatibility with oil and water. This quality allows them to "dissolve" in water different kinds of oils and flavouring agents, to stabilize dispersions.

STENOR K36 is a dispersant, solubilizer for agrochemistry (herbicides, pesticides etc.).


STENOR K40 is a dispersant, solubilizer of flavouring agents and oils in cosmetics and household chemistry.


STENOR K455 is a dispersant, solubilizer for flavouring agents and oils in cosmetics and household chemistry. Producible form of STENOR K40.


STENOR 20, STENOR 80 are emulsifiers and solubilizers (oil-cutting agents) of oils, essential oils and flavouring agents as components in cosmetic water-based products, in skin- and hair-care products. Enhance slipping and soften skin. High soluble in vegetable oils. Combined with basic vegetable oils form hydrophilic oil, which could be used for bath and shower, or as water rinsable massage oil. Also used in agrochemistry.


STENOR MO10, monoester of oleic acid and polyethylene glycol, is used as avivage agent in textile manufacture, individually and as a component in complex products.


Products with different degree of oxyethylation are available on demand.

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