NORCHEM participated in the industry event on the enhanced oil recovery (EOR)

In the photo: First deputy director general Yury Dudakov, EOR Project manager «SALYM PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT» Micheal Shuster, Deputy director on marketing and development Maxim Matveev.

NORCHEM (Zavod sintanolov LLC) participated in the industry event «Brownfield. Development 3.0», which took place in Kazan (Tatarstan, RF) in March 2015. The event was arranged and carried out by SALYM PETROLEUM, a company specializing in chemical methods on the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) of the oilfields in West Siberia.

Application of the chemical flooding based on the EOR method will allow the oil producing companies to recover additionally 2,4 bln tons oil till 2030.

The EOR method is an enhanced oil recovery technology, that is based on a concept of injection into formation of a mixture, consisting of anionic surfactants, soda and polymers.

The EOR method has been already applied on the oilfields throughout the world, including China, India, Canada and USA. And in accordance with these findings, the increment of the oil recovery index is estimated in 10-20 percetage of the initial oil in place in comparison with conventional water flooding.

The EOR method combines advantages of using of surfactants, soda and polymers, and allows to improve substantially efficiency of oil-fields' development.

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