Zavod sintanolov LLC / NORCHEM™ in cooperation with partners has started the hyperplastificators project.

 Hyperplastificators (HPLAS) are highly effective “last generation” additives for concrete mixtures and liquid cements on the basis of polycarboxylate ethers. Until present time such HPLAS were introduced on the market of Russia and the CIS countries only by foreign high-priced analogs. But now Zavod sintanolov LLC in cooperation with partners proceeds to the realization of industrial scale production of this unique Russian domestic scientific achievement.

Research of the Russian chemical industry for construction composite additives shows that it is limited by so-called superplastificators (SPLAS), which are produced on the basis of naphthalenesulfonates (additives of a pervious generation, rarely used now in Western Europe and USA). HPLAS have many advantages over SPLAS. The main advantages are: reduction of additives dosage by 3-5 times, raise of water-reducing effect by 1.5-2 times, guaranteed receipt of high-quality surface of products from molded concrete, receipt of self sealing concretes “Self Compacting Concretes” (SCC) and concretes with high performance property “High Performance Concretes” (HPC).

The main limitation of imported HPAS usage in Russian construction industry was a high price, which couldn’t compensate the effective spending of the additives. The technological solutions of Zavod sintanolov LLC allowed the offering to Russian construction markets polymers of last generation with alternative price. Furthermore, adherence to the highest international requirements of the product quality is guaranteed. This will help to improve the main materials of large-scale housing construction in Russia.

The project starts on the 1st of June 2012. In one and a half years it is expected to have the first manufactured industrial scale lot of HPLAS on the Russian market. The production capacity of the new plant will allow covering at least 50% of the growing demand of the Russian hyperplastificators market.

It should be noted that such mutual scientific achievement of Zavod sintanolov LLC and partners can be used not only in the field of construction concretes and additives. The formula of polycarboxylate molecule allows receiving an unlimited group of polymer compounds. There are different approaches of molecule design and molecule weight of the polymers. It gives a wide range of functional characteristics of the manufactured products. Therefore they can be used in different segments of building industry, as well as, for instance, in oil and gas production. Zavod sintanolov LLC is currently working on the possibility of producing highly-effective components for synthetic detergents on the base of the same formula.

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