Expansion of ethoxylation capacities

Zavod sintanolov LLC (Dzerzhinsk, the Nizhniy Novgorod region, Russia) is the largest Russian producer of ethoxylated products, extensively used as surfactants in cosmetics and household chemicals as well as in other industry branches.
  The existing ethoxylation capacities of the plant were substantially modernized in 2008 - 2009 including the replacement of several equipment items and installation of a new computer control system allowing not only to gain technological and economic advantages, but also to increase significantly the plant operational safety and to improve working conditions of the production personnel.
  In November 2010 Zavod sintanolov LLC accomplishes the next stage of technical upgrading and intends to put into operation additional ethoxylation capacities. The new reactor with the possibility to produce high-mole products in one step, supplied by Italian company DESMET BALLESTRA, is a unique in its own way development, which will allow to produce a wide range of high-mole ethoxylated products, reducing operational expenses by means of switch to a one-pass process scheme, at the maximal possible safety. Zavod sintanolov LLC hopes to shore up its leading position in the market of raw materials for cosmetics and household chemicals due to this innovation. According to the specialists` research the capacities of the plant after the technical upgrading will be able to cover completely the growing demand of the Russian market for this product group at least for the next 10 years.
  The total production capacities of the plant for ethoxylated products upon completion of technical upgrading will amount to 60 000 MT annually.

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